Kate - morecaknit. Knitwear gesigner. Knitting pattern maker.

Modern minimalism with a focus on details.

Hello everyone, I'm Kate!
I'm knitting away from the beautiful country of Poland and find inspiration every day for creating new knitting patterns. I absolutely love designing detailed knitting patterns and sharing them with you. Seven years ago, I discovered my passion and embarked on my journey to becoming a knitwear designer.

Seeing you knit my patterns brings me such joy! It fills me with pride and inspiration. And trust me, there's nothing better than seeing your amazing results. Your creations are pure magic!

I strive to make it not only beautiful but also comfortable. I believe I'm succeeding in this, and it brings me immense joy. 😄

🖤 Contemporary

🖤Minimalism and simplicity

🖤Blending of techniques and innovating new ones
🖤Technical precision and meticulous attention to detail